About Us

EDUANALYTIX is a One Stop Solution for all Techies.

What We're All About

Founded in 2020, Eduanalytix believes that knowledge is co-constructed through collaboration and sharing of experiences. It aspires to foster a learning culture that transcends the boundaries of school or educational institutions and create lifelong learners. We aim to help overcome the great digital divide by easy to use affordable technology that helps in creating interactive learning spaces. So join us in our quest to create world class learning experiences that empower students and professionals

Our Vision

Who We Are

"Theory is no good, if you haven’t learnt to apply it right – Hands-On Imperative approach is all about application."

EDUANALYTIX is well known for its unique “Project-Based Learning” Approach. From Day one of training We are involving students in capstone projects for understanding the real-time environments.

Logic Building
Ed-Tech in its most essential form of education or knowledge as it is nothing but problem
solving. It deals with figuring out logical solutions and implementing them optimally. The process
of learning to understand, transforms a person into an analytical thinker with strong
mathematical and logical skills.

Industry Trainers

Our team of trainers has a combined experience that cannot be paralleled by any competitor.
Our founding committee believes in having a diversified knowledge and have very rich industry
cum training experience.

Job Assistance

From the smallest light bulb to the most massive aircrafts, every industry is now implementing
the use of technology for the convenience of the end user. A good command over skill can thus
open a wide variety of employment opportunities


Our Advance Educator Learning System Theory is no good, if you haven’t learnt to apply it right – Hands-On Imperative approach is all about application. Interactive Discussions A topic from our curriculum is picked to be discussed and explored in all length and width. This interaction intensive session is a far cry from a class room style lecture and makes learning participative. Live Learning Live is a video conferencing platform which enables completely secure and collaborative virtual sessions. It comes with features like shared notes, popup quizzes and rich user control mechanisms to create an environment which is rich in engagement from the participants.